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Company Information

Why we started

iToldYa! became active in January 2020 as a 'fun' (read: naive) side project during the height of the covid-19 pandemic.  It quickly became apparent that the rise in toxic Social media discourse on established platforms required an alternative option for dialogue.

"Express yourself Funly"

iToldYa! is a Social media platform designed to offer people a place and means to settle debates in an entertaining and enjoyable way.
(Different from the current rise in toxic Social Media discourse!)

One user posts a video stating their opinion, and another user posts why they disagree. The videos are placed side by side and the community votes to establish a winner.  Whoever loses the Duel is asked to complete a video 'Fun-ishment' (a test of skill, a silly act, or a Socially good deed)

What is iToldYa! -The Social Dueling App

"Changing the Trajectory of Social Media!"

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Leadership Bios

Pete Maropakis, CEO

Retail Executive with 25 years of General management and business development leadership

Bo Woloshyn, CMO

Love developing successful B2C/B2B multi-channel advertising/communications campaigns and brand building strategies for both leading brands, not for profit organizations and especially start-ups

Eugene Mozzhukhin, Engineering

20 years experience in full stack development

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"A lively and engaging video based experience"

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"I am a man of my word, and I consider this a victory not a loss video"

Jon P, Carleton Pl, Canada

“Not everyone gets to be a winner unless they choose to be. Winning is a mentality.”

Carter R., Ottawa, Canada 

"I had to look up who Hulk Hogan is,...I lost the duel but had a blast doing something I'd never do" 

Shayne M, Montreal, Quebec

"My friends have been dueling like this for years, now I can finally keep score"

Vipin J, Toronto, Canada

"Have your Say"

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Downloadable Images

"Showcase your creativity"

"Amplify Your Voice"

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Contact Information

iToldYa! The Social Dueling App
GBM Apps Inc.
55 Douglas Cres.
Toronto, Ontario


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"Positively Embracing our Differences"

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