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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Welcome to iToldYa!, a platform brought to you by GBM Apps Incorporated, where you can engage in friendly and fun dueling challenges with users from around the world. To keep our community vibrant and enjoyable for everyone, we've established the following community guidelines. By using iToldYa!, you agree to abide by these guidelines:

  1. Respect and Kindness: Treat all users with respect and kindness. Be mindful of your words and actions, and do not engage in bullying, harassment, hate speech, or any form of discrimination. Disagreements are okay, but keep them civil and constructive.

  2. No Offensive Content: Do not share or create content that is explicit, graphic, violent, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive. Keep your duels and challenges fun and suitable for all audiences.

  3. Privacy and Consent: Always respect the privacy and consent of others. Do not share private information or engage in activities that violate someone's personal boundaries.

  4. No Spam or Misleading Content: Do not spam or engage in misleading practices, including clickbait or deceptive titles. Only post content related to dueling and challenges.

  5. Intellectual Property: Respect intellectual property rights. Do not upload or share content that infringes on copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property.

  6. Safety First: Prioritize safety. Do not encourage dangerous behavior, self-harm, or any activities that could harm yourself or others.

  7. Reporting: If you encounter content or behavior that violates these guidelines, report it to us immediately using our reporting tools. Your assistance helps us maintain a safe community.

  8. Age Restrictions: iToldYa! is intended for users aged 13 and older. If you are under 13, please do not use the app.

  9. Authenticity: Be yourself and use your real identity on iToldYa!. Do not impersonate others or use fake accounts.

  10. Community Building: Help us build a positive and inclusive community. Encourage and support fellow users, and contribute to a fun and friendly environment.

  11. Compliance with Laws: Follow all applicable laws and regulations while using iToldYa!. This includes, but is not limited to, complying with copyright laws and age restrictions.

  12. Moderation: Our moderators may review and take action on reported content and behavior. Violations of these guidelines may result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans from the platform.

Remember, iToldYa! is all about friendly dueling challenges and having fun. Please use the app responsibly and be a positive member of our community. Together, we can create an exciting and safe environment for everyone.

Thank you for being part of the iToldYa! community!

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