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YourTake Tips

Tips on how to make an engaging YourTake video

Stay on Topic

The Topic has been chosen, stay on Topic with YourTake.

Don't Waste YourTake, Express your opinion on the topic, not the person, their opinion or the quality of their video.  You only get OneTake, make it count and make it fun

Read the 'Fun-ishment' and make sure you are willing to do it, if you have the LosingTake it's part of the deal

Stay true to our community guidelines


MyTake Recording

Film in PROFILE mode, landscape does not work well at the moment

Be seen and be heard -if you're in the video, make sure you have good lighting and good sound

Be memorable and exciting to gain followers

High Energy level is a must, your positive energy is contagious

Keep YourTakes short, like 10 seconds if possible, voters have little patience, and unless your video is of exceptional quality and excitement people will skip past.  


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