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Investor Relations

Why invest in iToldYa!

Now is the time to invest in iToldYa!.  We have boot strapped our company to this point in order to remove the risk related to startups still in ideation.   We are MVP ready, and are approved to distribution on The App Store and Google Play.  While at pre-launch, we are offering attractive terms and are open different funding vehicles,

We are at the starting line, of growth, join us on this journey.


Our growth strategy

Existing social media backbone is our key to rapid growth.  While our product is unique in the market, it's essence is familiar to users on other established social media platforms.  Our launch program leverages existing content creators looking to capture top billing on a new platform. The competitive nature of the platform will leverage existing contacts on social media, drive downloads and prove out our unique advertising advantage


Why are we raising money at all?

While getting to the starting line was a journey supported by our Founders, our launch into exponential growth will generate competitive interest.  Our pragmatic and steady approach to launching iToldYa! will not protect us from being outspent by competition interested in replicating our experience once it's released.   We are at the starting line, and very large competitors are not watching, yet,  In order to stay ahead of the competition, we must ramp up our advertising and marketing expenses fast. 

Terms sheet​

Available upon request

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