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Cinqo hombres gather in the light of cold Stellas at the tavern.

One says "Leafs!" ... another responds "Oilers!", as his fist lands on the table.

"How shall we settle this? We are gentlemen, not barbarians!"

"Ask the waitress where they keep the duelling pistols!", they agreed.

"This is my patio. Who are you, and why are you drinking my beer?" the lady said.

"Don't mind us ... but kind lady, how do we settle our dispute?"

Alas, to their chagrin, there was no 'app for that'.

And so, in that moment of profound lack of reason

or any respect for the laws of nature, iToldYa! was born.

As people engaged in nonsense, silly walks, and moral flatulence,

a kind of blissfully dumb irreverence washed over the land.

The Lord wept, and he said to the Archangel Michael: "Who screwed this up?"

... the hombres looked up to the heavens, each with a uniquely proud and stupid grin.

And that is the story of how the multi-billion dollar market

for 'Nonsense as a Service' (NaaS) came to be.


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