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Why is advertising with iToldYa! different and better than traditional Social media Ads

In a word, Engagement.  Unlike any other advertising on the social media market, iToldYa! offers you the chance to advertise your brand in a manner that creates an unequalled user engagement.  Unlike our competition where users scroll right by the countless ads the millisecond they are identified, Your brand, and the challenge you create is iToldYa!'s content.

iToldya! is a marketing, promotion and advertising machine disguised as a social media application

What is an Ad on iToldYa!

An ad looks  just like a challenge between 2 users.  Your ad differs from a typical challenge by replacing the FUN-ish-ment video, with a reward for winner.  (demo) Players will see your ad and look and vote on iToldYa! users videos (all promoting your Brand) and many will accept your challenge to compete in your Ad Challenge.  The very nature of a challenge with users voting on a video feed that is exclusively YOUR Ad significantly increases engagement

How to create your Ad

Creating your ad on iToldYa! is technically simple, we can handle all of that for you. Creating a challenge that best represents your brand, has an ease of participation potential and offering a prize that connects the audience to your brand is where your marketing team really comes in 

Your responsibility

We'll need you to Create a Challenge statement, provide a Challenge video and commit to a prize for the winner, or top winners you are able to provide.   All Ads must of course meet our Terms of Service

iToldYa!'s responsibility

We will take your Challenge Statement and Video, and commitment to the prize(s) your challenge offers and integrate it into the iToldYa! feed.

Depending on the level of promotion you choose, we will promote your ad into all user feeds for the duration of your challenge

iToldYa! will monitor your ad and ensure our terms of service are respected, and hold content for your approval when in question

iToldYa! will track vote counts, disqualify any winning content outside the terms of service or your expectation, (depending on the package you choose) provide you with the Winner's contact information, a list of vote counts, Winning videos, all other competitor videos, and aggregated, non-personally identifiable data for your ad participants 

Current Rate Schedule

Contact us for current rate schedule

Getting started

That's the easiest part, click the button below and let's get started at your brand to our community in a fully engaged experience like no other

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