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January 2022

FAQ's and Instructions to Creating Content for iToldYa!

We are looking for Content Creators

Still have Questions?  Read our FAQs

What is a Social Duel?

A Social Duel is the call for your opponent to participate in a competitive debate. In iToldYa! that means choosing a topic, and creating a video that shows off your "Take" on things.  Some examples are:

  • Little dogs are cuter than big dogs

  • This coffee shop has the best coffee 

  • This fashion trend is actually pretty ugly

  • Working from home is WAY better than going to the office

  • Baths are better than showers

What is a FUN-ishment?

With every Challenge there is a winner and a loser.  A FUN-ishment is  description of what must be done on Video by the loser.  The FUN-ishment is the statement describing the penalty and the FUN-ishment video is the recording of it being done.    We call it a FUN-ish-ment because it's meant to be fun, not mean, dangerous, scandalous or too embarrassing.  

Here are some examples:

  • Let your pet lick peanut butter off your nose

  • Pay it forward at the coffee shop

  • compliment a complete stranger

  • Donate to a charity

  • Take a shower with all your clothes on

  • recite a worship poem to the winner

What does a creator do?

As an iToldYa! content creator you will be creating and posting fun, interesting and high energy videos used to support either a Challenge you've created, or as a Response to a Challenge by another Creator.

As a paid content creator, you must also create the FUN-ishment video as if you will lose the challenge.  This will ensure we have the FUN-ish-ment video ready for whoever loses.

Who is an ideal Creator?

  • A content creator for iToldya! is someone who has a passionate opinion on every imaginable topic.  A person who loves a friendly debate, & a good sport if the world sees things differently than they do.

  • An ideal Content Creator will bring a ton of energy, excitement and creativity to their challenge videos.  The goal is to attract new users to the platform, motivate them to vote on your challenges, draw them in to going head-to-head against you on a challenge and of course, inspire them to create their own challenges with their friends.

  • You must be able to produce 6 paid Challenge videos within 2 weeks and also produce 6 paid FUN-ish-ment videos for each Challenge you've made.

What type of content are we looking for?

We are looking for creative, light hearted topics.  Simple statements like "A hot dog is a sandwich" or "Snakes make better pets than Dogs" that can spark a debate, without being overly dramatic or objectionable.  Keeping it fun and funny is what we're after. The FUN-ishment is no different.  Fun, creative and something that is likely to draw a laugh, vs  scandal 

What type of content are we NOT looking for?

Topics that could be considered harassment, discriminatory, racist, vulgar, pornographic, unsafe or illegal are not welcome on our platform.  FUNishments, and comments fall in to the same prohibited content. We are a welcoming environment where we allow people to be vindicated in their opinions.  This is not the platform to air your dirty laundry or cyberbully.

Current Rate Schedule

We will share our rate schedule with Successful applicants to our Creator Program

Current Incentive Plans

Contact Us for more details

What are the basic terms and conditions?

As a Paid Content creator, you will be providing challenge statements, challenge videos and FUN-ishment videos for when/if you lose a challenge.  All videos posted to iToldYa!, both paid and unpaid may be used in iToldYa! marketing and promotional videos on any other platform for the purpose of marketing the iToldYa! platform.  For more information read our 

Getting Started

Getting started is simple,

  1. Read the Independent Contractor Agreement  (the legal document, outlining the terms)

  2. Apply to our Content Creator Program  (The application form)

  3. Get approval for paid content creation (via email)

  4. Start submitting your PAID content directly to the APP

  5. Complete the App Survey after you're all done

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